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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Shirt Smell When I Open the Package?

Your shirt, or sweatshirt, or items is printed, cured and then placed into a sealed package. The pretreat that is used on some products produces a "vinegar" type smell. This is normal, just wash it the first time and it will be gone. 

Why Does My Garment Feel "Stiff" in Spots?

This is also from the application of the pretreat to the garment, you will notice that this extends out from the printed area a distance. This is applied to help the ink stick to the fabric. This is normal and will go away (along with any vinegar smell) after the first wash.

How Fast Will I Get A Response If I Email or Message You?

All emails/messages will be answered in the order they are received; therefore response time varies. However, all emails/messages go straight to support and/or my computer or cell phone so response times are usually very short. Allow up to 24hrs though, longer on weekends and holidays.

CLICK HERE to CONTACT US with any questions, or just to chat, love to hear from you soon.

Can I Change / Cancel My Order After I Purchase?

Yes, if it has not gone into production. All our orders are custom made to order and we work quickly to get your order into production.

Please contact us (CLICK HERE) as soon as possible to cancel your order before it goes into production. 


But don't worry, if it has gone into production we can still make it right!

Can I Return or Exchange Something?

We will work to make sure you are satisfied, you have a full 30 days to decide if you like it. If you do, GREAT! I would love to hear about it and what you think.

If you don't like it, that is okay too, I know how it can be buying online sometimes, you just don't always get what you expect. We try to prevent that buy don't worry, just CONTACT US and we will make it right.

You can view our RETURN POLICY HERE (Link opens in a new window)

What Is the Shipping and Processing Time and Where Do You Ship From?

Printed and Shipped From the USA

Rest assured once you purchase is complete your order is then professionally printed with quality inks and shipped from the United States of America, just for you.

  • Processing and Production: 2-4 business Days
  • Shipping: 2-5 Business Days

Production and Shipping times can vary, shipping is typically through UPS and USPS. You will be sent tracking information once your order ships. Holiday seasons can impact production and shipping times, although the above timelines should still be accurate.

  • No Surprises
  • No Waiting a month for your purchase to arrive
  • We choose only the best garments and products to print our designs on to ensure they last for years to come.

Order now and you will quickly be receiving an item that will be custom printed just for you. Everyone will want one of these, be the first and they will ask where you found such a unique sweatshirt.

Will My Order Arrive In 1 or multiple packages?

 Well... It Depends... if you order different types of products (T-shirt + Coffee Mug for ex.) then they may arrive in multiple packages, typically within a day or two of each other. 

I know that doesn't help but all of our products are fulfilled from different warehouses and manufacturers from the United States. Some items take a day or two to produce and some three or four. Factor in the shipping times if you ordered items that ship from different locations and yes, your order can arrive in multiple packages and/or on different days.

How Do I Track My Order?

When your order ships you will be sent a shipping confirmation which will include the tracking number. If you have not received a shipping confirmation then reach out and CONTACT US and we will look into it and see what is going on. 

Remember, individual items may ship at different times, and items with longer processing times will be displayed on the product page. if you have questions feel free to CONTACT US.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time (we are currently working out the shipping logistics), however that is coming in the very near future... Stay Tuned

Out of Stock or Backordered Items

If you are interested in an items that is out of stock or backordered you can contact us on our CONTACT US page or sign up for email updates. 

If you ordered an item and it becomes backordered before your order is fulfilled, we will email you and determine what works best for you. 

I Received the Wrong Item(s) or Damaged item(s) What Do I Do?

CLICK HERE to CONTACT US and tell us what is wrong, we will figure out what went wrong and make it right!!

 Is My Payment and Personal information Safe?

Absolutely it is! This store is secured with encryption that you can read up on below, and if you want a copy of your personal data (or submit a request for it to be deleted) you can do that by CLICKING HERE

Industry Leading Safety and Security

You can safely complete your purchase using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and others.

This store is powered through the Shopify platform and is therefore subject to the highest security standards. Shopify is classified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant meeting all 6 categories of PCI standards you can find out more here:

Shopify Secure

How Do I Order?

  1. Select color, size and quantify
  2. Click Add To Cart
  3. Add any other products you want to your cart
  4. View your cart and Check Out
  5. Enter your contact and shipping information
  6. Choose your shipping method (order over $50 and I'll Pay Your Shipping)
  7. Enter your payment details
  8. Click complete order
  9. Standby for your awesome custom-built order to arrive

How do I Care For My Item(s)?

Care instructions are included on individual product pages and on the products themselves (care labels)

if you are not sure just reach out and CONTACT US for details and we can get you the answers you need. 

How is my garment made?

Once your order is verified our supplier gets to work making your very own garment. Our designs on printed directly on the sweatshirt once you order it.

Your garment is pre-treated with a solution that mats the fibers of the sweatshirt together and sets the white base color if you choose a dark colored garment. Your garment is then placed in a heat press to help “set” the garment for printing. Your garment is then placed on the direct to garment (DTG) printer. For a dark colored fabric, a white “base” coat is printed and then your design is printed on your garment. After the printing your garment is then heated either in a heat tunnel or a heat press to “set” the design. This Direct to Garment printing technique allows us to print higher detail images that would not be possible with other methods.

How long will my garment last?

I love my shirts as much as you do, each shirt should last for years to come and be something that you are proud to show off to your friends and family. If something is wrong, feel free to CONTACT US and we will work to make it right.

Like any garment that is washed and worn it will fade over time and may develop a “heathered” look. Much of that depends on the fabric content of the garment. More on that right below.

What is the difference between combed and ring-spun and standard cotton and all of these blends?

Standard cotton

Standard cotton is processed from raw cotton into rough threads that are made smaller until they are the right size to make a garment out of. Comparatively speaking these are rough and prone to fraying.

Ring-spun cotton

Ring-spun cotton is made by twisting and spinning the cotton strands together. This produces a stronger garment and feels much softer than standard cotton.

Ring-spun cotton takes the standard cotton and quickly spins it around a ring before the thread is placed onto the bobbin to make the garment. This thins the threads and twists all of the cotton strands in one direction creating a tighter smoother texture. Garments made with ring-spun cotton are usually considered lighter weight and stronger because the twisted threads are usually softer than the coarse standard cotton and there is less chance for a loose thread that can break, fray or “pill”.

Combed ring-spun cotton

Combed ring-spun cotton is another step that combs all of the ring-spun cotton fibers to help ensure there are no strands out of place, again this produces are softer, stronger feel and a better canvas for printing (designs look better and last longer)

Designs that are printed on “blends” (thing cotton/poly or tri-blend) can product a “vintage” feel as the ink looks slightly different on different materials. Also a looser weave type blend material will produce a “vintage” or slightly faded look because of greater distance between the threads in the garment.

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